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Emergency Medical Serving

March 17, 2016


The purpose of the Emergency Medical Ministry (EMM) at Compass Bible Church is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by using our gifts, (Romans 12:3-8) to provide first-aid at various CBC functions.  During every service, EMM representatives are seated in designated locations and work directly with the usher and gatekeeper ministries.  Other service opportunities may include retreats, winter and summer camps, AWANA’s, Fall Fest, and anything else deemed necessary by our pastoral staff.

We are looking for people who have a passion for helping people and have medical experience either as a doctor, nurse, EMT, paramedic or firefighter.  Must be able to commit to serving at least one service a month or regular serving as an EMM representative in a ministry like AWANA or Revival.  Must be able to perform patient assessments, provide necessary first-aid/CPR and determine if 911 services are needed.  No application is necessary, but a copy of your medical qualifications/license at time of training will be needed on file.

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